Landscape of City Magazine

y. 2018
e. City Magazine

The cover of a paper media is a painting of time, a work of collaboration, formed and puzzled by aesthetic of era, status of society, history and people at a specific year and date by various ways of presentation.

The cover of “City Magazine” is definitely a unique scenery among newspaper stall of Hong Kong because of its large size and stunning cover visual. “Landscape of City Magazine” process a color analysis of its cover from the first to 499th, based on the 4C printing standard CMYK, each issue forms a mountain like landscape according to its CMYK data - this is the landscape of era created by City Magazine. And the 3d landscape be 3D printed into a a three dimensional form and be constructed into “Landscape of City Magazine”, in addition, with the interactive installation, the up and down of the landscape will be scanned into a music.


《號外》的封面在書報攤中顯然是一幅獨特風景,它的尺寸和美學在這幾十年依然在萬亂的檔仔中鶴立雞群。作品《號外景像》(Landscape of City Magazine)把《號外》雜誌歷年499期的封面作一次史無前例的顏色分析,以平面四色印刷的標準CMYK作為分析基礎,將每一期的 CMYK - C(Cyan)青色、M(Magenta)洋紅色、Y(Yellow)黃色、K(Black) 黑色的數據排列出來,每一期的顏色分佈轉化成一道高低起伏的山脈風景,而499期集合而成的,就是歷年由《號外》所建構的時代風景,最後通過 3D 打印方法,從平面變成立體,是為《號外景像》。此外,此立體的波幅可以用儀器掃瞄成一道道音樂聲效,譜成《號外》專屬的樂章。

Sound Coding
Keith Lam

Creative Coding
Seth Hon